FIVE ISLANDS Waterfront Renovation, Georgetown, Maine

This old, yellow boathouse sits on the edge of the ocean and has been mildly modified over the years to host seasonal family gatherings for a family in Texas. The cottage is tiny at 20' x 14'.  The family is looking to add living space- both interior and exterior- and a master bedroom on a new third level.  Shoreland zoning in Maine will allow a 30% increase to the size of the building, but because of the small footprint, and existing volume of only a single story structure, the challenge of adding a third level with accessory decks greatly influenced the form of the new design.  Shown in the images are the 2 designs: the first with the third story, and the second without. 

THIS PROJECT WON THE CITATION AWARD FOR THE 2017 AIA UNBUILT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION http://aiamaine.org/aiamainenews/aia-maine-announces-2017-unbuilt-design-award-recipients

Existing Maine Fishing Shack, Georgetown Maine


The interior is well used and full of memories from gatherings of family and friends over the years.  Because the structure hovers over the edge of the water, standing inside the cabin feels more like being on a boat, than inside a house.