This is a new house for a couple from Alaska completed in Fall 2017. The property is expansive farm lands with the dominant view facing south.  The owners are looking for a house that maximizes their enjoyment of this farm landscape in all seasons.  After considerable study, we organized the house in a broken 'U' shape to allow for a protected pedestrian and vehicular entry, the major living spaces organized linearly along the south, and an east facing kitchen and dining area for enjoyment of the early morning sun. The house has two master suites, one located on its own on the second floor, with the other remote from it on the first level.  This will provide optimal flexibility for the owners and any guests (temporary or permanent) they may have in the future.  With the exception of the second level master suite, all the living spaces are on the ground level. The owner is a skilled local contractor (Rich Construction) and will be building the house with his crew. Interior photographs will be shot in the Spring 2018.  

New Construction


A composition of dipped cedar shingles and painted cedar clapboards on the exterior.  The interior has a stone fireplace to anchor the main living space, with heavy timber posts and ceiling members, with a wood ceiling. Dining Room table and chairs (Tula series) by Angela Adams http://www.angelaadams.com