OLD ORCHARD PORCH, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

The owner of this corner lot was looking for a front porch for her existing cottage in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  Her existing side-entry brick stoop was awkward and inappropriate for the style of the house.  We provided a full-width front porch with access off to the side to allow for direct circulation in through the existing front door without disrupting a seating area. We are using simple white PVC wrapped posts and trim for the bulk of the porch, then infilling between the main structure with gray-stained mahogany guard and rails with stainless steel cabling to acknowlege the marine atmosphere of the area. The project required approval from the local planning board in order to extend over the existing front yard setbacks for the neighborhood.

This project was built by Mattsson Company, Scarborough, Maine in 2016

Architectural Drawing, Front Porch plan, Maine Architect


PVC Trim, Mahagony Rail, Stainless Steel Cables, Composite decking, capped with Galvalume standing seam roof