SUBURBAN LOFT- Scarborough, Maine

The owner, a contractor and musician, was looking to add a private apartment onto his rental property in Scarborough, Maine.  He wanted privacy from his tenants, high quality space, and great natural light.  The project is in the backyard of a neighborhood of small, ranch-style homes square to the street.  Our early discussions of maintaining privacy for both dwelling units, retaining the petite scale of the neighborhood, and preserving the visual integrity of the single-story ranch helped charter the course early for the design. We used a simple gable roofed-form to match the ranch, then pierced it with a monitor to allow daylight to flood the interior living space, while retaining visual privacy from the neighbors who surround this property. This monitor also served to stretch out over top of the existing house to quietly announce its existence to the street.

Project built by Mattsson Company in 2015


New Construction
Shiplap siding, galvanized flashing, modern detail, Maine Architect


vertical 1x8 shiplap pine installed as a rainscreen. Rough sawn shiplap prepained before installation. The insulation is a hybrid of closed cell foam and fiberglass batts for budget concerns.