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It is never too early to contact an Architect. Architects are trained in all aspects of building projects from conception to well beyond completion (see Value of an Architect). They can even help you choose the right property to buy, whether it is raw land or an existing house.

Which one?  I encourage you to search for an Architect the same way you shop for a car or beautiful piece of furniture: look through portfolios or websites of several Architects; talk with them about their work—what is the process like, what are the successes and failures of their work?  And lastly, before moving any further, step outside the ‘box’.  A house can take any form and include most any material.  The more freedom you allow yourself away from a particular ‘style’, the more tailored the result can be to your site and your needs.

The first meeting with us is always at no charge.  

TO BEGIN THE CONVERSATION, please call 207.892.1643 or send a message by completing the form on this page.