Most people know the basics of what an Architect does; however most are a slight fearful of the unknown aspects of how it all gets done. Hopefully, after reading this brief summary of the process, the unknown will feel a bit more comfortable.

The process of design always begins with defining the problem. Problem is this case is a most wonderful word.  Using diagrams, sketches, floor plansrendered drawings, computer modeling, and physical models, we will explore the sculpture of building as solutions to these ‘problems’.  Throughout the design process these drawings will grow in detail and complexity, each iteration feeling more real, and solving more completely your ‘problem’. Once the iterations of design settle down and the plans and building elevations are agreed upon, we move to the next phase of making the art into something real. (See the Resources section of this site for our writings on these topics and others.)

FROM DESIGN TO RECIPE. This part of the process takes some time- usually several months.  The Architect will create a set of drawings and building specifications which will effectively communicate to the contractor how to build every aspect of the design.  These same drawings will allow you to apply for a building permit and get hard, accurate costs for the entire project. (See the Resources section of this site for our writings on these topics and others.)

THE CHALLENGE OF COST. What is this all going to cost?  Should I bid the project out to several contractors or pick one early on?  Who should I choose? How long will it take? Will the Architect be on site during construction?  At what intervals should I pay the contractor?  How do I monitor quality during construction?  How do I figure out the cost before I have a design?   These are many of the questions everyone who builds needs to know.  The answers are also part of the process and are specific to each project. (See the Resources section of this site for our writings on these topics and others.)

Call or email us. We’ll look forward to getting your questions answered.

Architectural Services

Following is a list of services provided by our firm:  Design of residential and light commercial buildings, spaces, and all their components, site layout, construction consultant, lighting design, specifier of all building components, subcontractor and contractor contacts, bidding and permitting, construction administration from contract signing through the completion of the project.

The following are other services which may or may not be required to achieve the best result with your project. These consultants would be contracted by our firm and their fees included in our Design Agreement:

  • Structural/Mechanical Engineer
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architect/Designer


Design Process sketch
Design Planning Sketch
Falmouth Farmhouse Rendering
Les Wilson Office Remodel, Sketchup Rendering, Maine Architect
Timber Assembly detail, Layout Drawing
Construction Administration, Roots Cafe, Kebony Wood, Maine Architect