The following resources can guide you through working with our firm throughout the design and construction process.

Things to consider when selecting a general contractor.

Not all contractors are the same.  Just like there are different trades of plumbers, electricians, rough carpenters and finish carpenters, general contractors also have specific skill sets that we should understand.  Shown below are a few of the major categories of builders to help us select the best one for your project.

The following information may help you better understand what you can expect from hiring an Architect and what you should demand from your project and your hard-earned money. 


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The specific phases of the project listed below are to be seen as parts of a whole and are not intended to be seen as a menu of separate items.  In order for a unique design to be implemented with success, the Architectural process should be continued through all phases.

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Buildings cost money to build and money to operate. I have included some information to help us focus in on how money will affect our decisions during the design process.

The attached .pdf lists a rough meeting by meeting chronology of the design process.