The following resources can guide you through working with our firm throughout the design and construction process.

Choosing a Contractor

When should you choose a Contractor? What should you look for when choosing a contractor? How should you follow up after a contractor has been chosen?

Considerations when Selecting a Contractor

Value of an Architect

The following information will help you better understand what you can expect from an Architect and what you should demand from your project and your hard-earned money. See the attachment, “Architectural Design Process Outline” to better understand the headings in this document.

What is the Value of Hiring an Architect

Architectural Design Process

A comprehensive list of services provided and approximate cost breakdowns for each major component. For a more thorough understanding of the roles of an Architect, see the attachment, “What is the Value of Hiring an Architect”

Architectural Design Process Outline

Buildings Cost Money 

This article describes the effects of our design decisions on building cost- now and into the future.

Value-Driven Design

The Progression of Meetings within the Design Process 

This article will give you an idea of the progression of meetings from the start of design to the end of construction.

Meeting by Meeting