Roots Cafe

This is a current project as of December 2017 that will break ground sometime this winter. It is a Bakery/Coffee shop with some accessory meeting space, a child care area for kids, a separate tenant space, and a roof-top deck for summer use.  It is a single level building on a prominent corner in Westbrook with a very tight budget. We began the design with a two-story program where the second floor spaces would be leased out to various business tenants, but due to cost constraints, have removed the second level and redesigned the mixed-use building to be a single story.  

The materials are prepainted hardi-plank in the Iron Gray color, with a naturally treated wood as the major finishes for the exterior.  Aluminum and galvalume flashings and canopy structures allow the simple shape some detail and protection for the major openings.

Shown are the two design schemes for the project.