This published article is about the design process for a waterfront cottage renovation on Mousam Lake in southern Maine.  It appeared in a print-only New England periodical called, Place…In the Making.


Dreaming about living on the water? Below are some thoughts on how to do that well. 

There is something magical here.  This is the image of a remote cottage in Norway designed by Snohetta  It takes its shape and material from the land.

Materials, geometry, windows, natural light, colors, texture, furniture, lighting, landscaping, detail… These elements are the palette that outline our living environments.  Check out the 'Ideabooks' section of my Houzz profile to browse some beautiful residential spaces.

This first photo is of a garage.  During the summer, it has disappeared into the forest.  

The second photo is of that same garage.  Summer has moved on, and winter is near.

On an already peaceful spring morning, with the air crisp and the water still, a hot air balloon floats slowly into view.  It is completely silent. It's movement effortless.  For 10 minutes as it gently tracks across the sky, hovering in plane with the lake, I notice a calm within me that begs to be understood.  When it disappears beyond the trees the calm is gone.

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