Project Budget Estimator Tool- Maine

DIRECTIONS- First, select the approximate size of your project. Then select a HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW option (from left to right) for each of the following 11 Project Characteristics. Once all are complete, you will see an approximate range of construction cost for your project. The range of price corresponds to the 'building size' range under small, medium, or large. Change your choices to update the estimated cost. revised March 2022.

All projects are different, but can be categorized by their elements of size, shape, site, features, and materials.  Before we get too far into the design, we can identify some of these desired elements to help us predict the approximate cost of your project.  This estimated figure is valuable as a first pass for helping you establish a realistic budget, but does not represent a confirmed cost. The only way to achieve hard numbers for any project is by pricing a complete design with selected materials, a chosen contractor and a specific build schedule.  It would be our pleasure to help you get to that point.

For information on how we work, see our RESOURCES page to find out more about our DESIGN PROCESS , the VALUE OF AN ARCHITECT, and our thoughts on COST AND ENERGY PERFORMANCE.

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Thank you for using this tool.  I hope you found it helpful and has inspired you in some way.  If you’d like to go the next step to plan your new home or renovation, please call us at 207-892-1643 or click on the ‘GET STARTED’ tab on our website to send us a message.  We look forward to creating something wonderful with you.