Housing, Biddeford Maine

This proposed 3 story, wood-framed apartment building in Downtown Biddeford's historic district will include 14 market rate apartments to address Maine's need for quality housing.  The breakdown includes 6 microunits on the ground floor, 4 on each of the upper two floors, and an open roof deck at the top with a south-facing view to the river and downtown. The new project is tucked between an art-deco detailed Saco Lowell Mill building (currently being developed) and Amtrak's rail bridge and tracks.  The building will have a flat roof with a stepped parapet and will be clad with tall, thin cement board panels coursed in a soldier pattern to emphasize its height. The base of the building at the most prominent corner along Elm Street will be wrapped in natural wood and further defined by a hung metal canopy to mark the entrance.  The form of the upper floors shifts at the front entry to provide depth and detail in much the same way the adjacent Saco Lowell Mill does at the transition to the stair tower.  This facade shift is used in several areas to enhance the sculptural interest of the building and to call out its entry and interior circulation. Construction to begin this summer 2023.



Cement Board panels installed on a rainscreen. Thermory cladding at the base. Storefront entry and Marvin windows throughout.