Who we are


Chris Delano-  owner/principal, AIA, NCARB.  Education. Lehigh University, Bachelor of Arts 1993.  University of Washington, Master of Architecture 1997. chris@delanoarchitecture.com

Eric Philbrook-  architectural designer.  Education. Southern Maine Technical College AS 1998.  University of Maine at Augusta, Bachelor of Architecture 2018. eric@delanoarchitecture.com

Alex Haba- project designer.  Education. Thomas Jefferson University, Bachelor of Architecture 2019. alex@delanoarchitecture.com

Firm mission

WE ARE A BOUTIQUE ARCHITECTURE FIRM in Southern Maine catering to people looking for high quality buildings with great space, in beautiful places. We value relationships and the skills of people.  We love new materials, great writing, and music that moves us.  We look at simple things from all angles, to see them new. We are experts in finding patterns in challenging programs, and giving them beauty.  We are inventors because everyone is unique. We use light like a paint brush to bring warmth to our spaces, and amplify the colors of materials and their textures. We are technical and understand that details matter.  We are organizers, because it takes a team of people to make high performance buildings that last. We are writers, using the prose of Architecture to enhance your story.


Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the UNIVERSITY OF MAINE AT AUGUSTA, since 2014. 


Without light, all color is lost. Without smell, our palette for enjoying food is dulled.  When we are cold, the romance of an evening is lost.

The following disciplines are other mediums of art. Each of them relates closely to Architecture and works in concert with it, to give us a greater understanding and enjoyment of the world.

  • Photography: great photographs capture the spirit of their subject, harnessing shadow, composition, texture, luminosity, contrast and focus, to alter a simple scene into something powerful.
  • Poetry is the craft of placing words together to articulate beauty or distill the essence of an idea. Every word has a flavor in meaning, tempo, and annunciation. It is the sum of each of these flavors that helps boost our appreciation of ordinary things to an improved understanding. 
  • Craft: There are many people who can put a building together. There are far fewer, however that are true craftsmen. When you witness someone with a passion for shaping the materials of their trade, and an open mindedness for exploring it beyond where they’ve been, it may be time to just take a seat… and watch.
  • Painting: The painter, Cezanne is famous for painting the world with emotion, rather than straight realism. He is a master of his craft. Yet, he felt it a better use of his medium to convey the underlying emotion or mood of his subjects. This style of painting calls upon an incredible skill of observation and representation to extract the spirit from his subjects and then to distill that spirit in paint.
  • Music: The layering of distinct sounds or rhythms, carefully organized to form a composition, is the process for creating music. When all the layers combine with symphonic results, the resulting music becomes a single piece, far greater in effect than the individual layers. Moreover, the effect of this piece has the power to move our spirit, inserting a mood or flavor into an otherwise bland situation.