This project is pending.  We designed it in late 2022 for 2 generations of family members to replace their well-used waterfront camp on Wilson Lake.  We identified one-room deep volumes early in our diagramming to solve the area and volume restrictions of the zoning puzzle. We placed a two-story volume behind the 100' shoreland line and stretched a single-story one over this line and towards the lake by using some of the area that was grandfathered to us by tearing down the original aged structure.  We call it hinge, because we locked these two volumes together at a pivot point, slid them to the north side of the lot, and then swung them open to the South to create a courtyard capturing rich southern light. The pivot point exposes a glazed entrance on the North and an open gravel area for parking. Strategic design using restrictions for good.



Marvin windows and doors including an expansive bank of 9' high sliders. Black board and batten siding with cedar shingles, Firestone metal roof and natural stone fireplace.