FLYING POINT Renovation, Freeport, Maine (unbuilt)

Design concept:

The owners wanted to add a master suite and third bedroom to the second floor, add living space to their existing garage, and reorganize the entire first level to take better advantage of the ocean views.  Because of the substantial size and scope of the renovation, the aesthetic goal became to redefine the style of the house into something more appropriate to its setting. Shown below 2 design options:.  In each option, the plan changes remain similar.  In the first design, we focused on creating a dramatic wrapper for the building, that allowed for incredible panaramic views to the ocean while bringing in abundant quantities of natural light in unique ways. The second option wraps the space in a more traditional enclosure common with Maine homes.  As always, reglardless of the desired style, we strive to expose the best of the Maine landscape into all living spaces.

1.  The models depict a sculptural and modern design that would bring in views and natural light into all spaces and from a dramatic light shaft from above. 

2. The rendering shows a second design option with a stronger Maine cottage style enveloping the new renovation.  




The exteriors were to be natural white cedar shingles with painted trim and accent panels to work in context with many of the surrounding cottages.