A BETTER ENTRANCE, Scarborough, Maine

Design Concept:  The Scarborough, Maine owners simply wanted a roof over their mudroom entry door.  The challenge was to find a solution that solved the pragmatic issues of water and ice, while preserving the visual dominance of the gabled front porch on the house.  We supplied two solutions to the project: one that brought a more comprehensive strategy to integrate the architectural component of the roof with the landscaped ground plane. This created more immediate rain cover off the driveway, and a more substantial visual presence for the house.  The second, and the option that was chosen, was drawn closer to the house and was self-supporting off the exterior walls to both minimize costs, and maximize its dramatic effect.  We rerouted the hardscaped walkway, added a drystacked stone seat wall and moved some plantings around to complete the project.

Construction drawing, Maine Architect


The roof is cantilevered off the structure of the house and clad in cedar shinges with all copper flashings.