This is a complete interior renovation to the operations office of Les Wilson and Sons Excavating company in Westbrook, Maine.  The goal of the project was to to entirely reorganize the office space to handle the influx of up to 7 project leads that begin their day in the space and receive the daily marching orders.  Beyond this morning surge, the office space allows for the owner, accountant and up to (2) other employees should the office staff expand over the years. 

The design is organized around a central serpentine transaction counter with great storage for the owner, and a winding counter surface for the 7 foreman to lean on every morning. From there, we included one diamond plate clad wall to shield the account from this meeting and a divider of shelves to help define the 3 work zones and give another area for storage and placement of all the networking components.  Durable, industrial materials, adjustable work surfaces, a linear ceiling element, and great lighting help punctuate the open plan. 




Palette of materials includes aluminum diamond plate, a backlit, waterjet cut sign, custom adjustable work stations finished in a water-based epoxy, stained 1x8 nickel gap pine, suspended LED uplights, back painted glass white board, custom painted millwork and swirled stainless steel countertop.


FORJSTONE CUSTOM FABRICATION- swirled stainless steel counter, Portland Maine