Prefabricated Series- Space Above

SPACE ABOVE. This is the first in a series of designs available to anyone interested in living in beautiful places.  The living module is built off site with great precision, then is placed on a series of site walls used to create a carport and manage locallized topography.  This design is a full living unit with one suite-style bedroom and guest suite below. It is designed as a great retreat or seasonal home designed to be placed somewhere special. Stay tuned for more design options. Shown is the Cormorant 55 on a sloping site with a basement, lower level car port and a glazed-in stair to access both levels. These living units will be available from our new website, launching in June 2022. 



Prefabricated construction, siding and finish options, flexible for various sites, one room deep for great views and light from all spaces.